Federalism, Urban

The Fiscal Place of Big Cities in the Federal System. Paul PetersonIn Henry G. Cisneros, Ed.. Interwoven Destinies: The Cities and the Nation. W. W. Norton. 1993.
When Federalism Works . Paul Peterson, Barry George Rabe, Kenneth K. Wong. Brookings Institution Press, 243 pages. 1986.

Examines the conventional wisdom about federal grants. Considers the implementation and operation of federal programs for education, health care, and housing in four urban areas to learn which programs worked, when, and why.

The New Urban Reality. Paul Peterson. Brookings Institution Press, 301 pages. 1985.

America's inner cities, particularly those in older industrial metropolitan areas, have declined sharply in both population and employment over the past two decades. How much of this change is due to technological advances in transportation, communication, and manufacturing? How much of it is due to the changing racial composition of the central cities? Can any set of public policies retard or reverse the decline of the industrial cities?This book presents an interdisciplinary collection of papers addressing these questions. In the introduction, editor Paul E.

City Limits. Paul Peterson. University Of Chicago Press, 284 pages. 1981.

Path-breaking analysis of urban politics that shows why cities cannot be effective agents of redistributive policy.

School Politics Chicago Style. Paul Peterson. University Of Chicago Press, 320 pages. 1976.

Shows how the Daley machine, its reform opposition, and racial change form the context for school policy. Case studies of desegregation, collective bargaining and decentralization reveal how the basis for decisions can change when viewed through different interpretative lenses.

Winner of the Gladys Kammerer Award, American Political Science Association. Award given to the Best Book on American Politics.

Urban Politics and Public Policy: The City in Crisis. Stephen M. David, Paul Peterson. Praeger, 1973; 2nd edition Praeger, 1976. 1976.
Race and Authority in Urban Politics: Community Participation and the War on Poverty. J. David Greenstone, Paul Peterson. Russell Sage, 1973, pb with new intro, University of Chicago Press, 1976, 364 pages. 1974.

In this penetrating book, the authors provide a systematic empirical analysis of an important public policy issue—citizen participation in the Community Action Program of the Johnson administration's "War on Poverty." This Phoenix edition includes a new introduction in which the authors explicate the most important themes in their analysis.